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As a result of Adele’s leadership, there is a group of people strongly committed to sharing their hand work skills with children in need.  Many knitters contribute hundreds of hours of knitting and crocheting every year to provide warm wonderful winter items to children in our area.  Hard-working volunteers from as far away as Florida and Maine contribute yarn, patterns, knitting needles, and lovely hand crafted items for our project.

The logo for Adele’s Legacy provides a bit of insight into our work.  The emblem is round because it’s a circle of women and men who care about children, and are driven to create wonderful little pieces of love to share with others.  The circle isn’t closed, however, because we are always open to welcoming new people into the group, and we try to provide them with any help they need to succeed in their contribution.  The emblem is very simple; we are not a government recognized non-profit, donations are NOT tax deductible, we don’t have a CEO, or a board of directors.  We are just a simple group of people who enjoy handcrafting and we are all working toward the same goal.  It’s not a huge world shaking goal, but for the people who create, and the children who enjoy it’s a worthy and important goal.

Our goal is to provide a hat, sweater, and scarf to every child in one Bedford or Franklin County school every winter.

How you can help


We would welcome your participation.  Here are some ways you can help!

  • We need knitters or crocheters who are interested in creating simple sweaters, hats or scarves for elementary school children. Please visit our XXX pages for more information.
  • We need people who are interested in learning to knit or crochet.  We are happy to teach you, for free, and only ask that you provide a sweater, hat, or scarf for Adele’s Legacy before November 1st.  Please visit our XX pages for more information
  • We accept donations of materials for our hand made items: acrylic yarn (no  wool or cotton please!), knitting needles (sized 7-10) or crochet hooks (size ?-?).
  • We accept help from designers. Do you want to donate a knit or crochet pattern you have designed for a simple hat, scarf or sweater? We would love to have it and vow to use it OFTEN!

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  1. Hi gals,
    This is a great looking website with really nice features (i.e. tips & patterns). This is very well done and a fitting tribute to Adele.

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