About the Items

Adele’s Legacy give away hand made winter wear items that keep children cozy during cold Virginia winters.

All of our winter wear items are made out of easily washable and durable acrylic yarn.  This enables the parents to easily wash the items without fear of them shrinking or changing shape.  All of our yarn is donated either by individuals or by local manufacturing mills as mill ends.


Sweaters are the most time consuming items made by the volunteers.  A knitted sweater for a child can take up to 30 hours of work.  Some of our volunteers have been knitting for years, and others for only days – so the time it takes is always variable.  Sweaters also take the most yarn.  Generally speaking knitted sweaters take more time and less yarn, crocheted sweaters take less time and more yarn.  Sweaters for children must have long arms, to cover cold little wrists and wide openings to allow easy access for heads.  We provide our hand workers with lots of guidelines to ensure that all the sweaters made for us will fit a child who loves it.


Hats are the item the volunteers have the most fun with, and as a result we generally get lots of them.  A simple hat can take up to four hours to knit, and less to crochet.  There are many patterns available and the hand worker can make it as complicated or as simple as they wish.  Some volunteers made a hat/sweater set, as our more fashion conscious children do love to match!  In recent years the very time consuming minion hats have been very popular and we NEVER have enough “camo” colored hats to go around!


Scarves are the simplest items made by our volunteers, but one much appreciated by chilled necks in the dead of winter.