About the Schools

Every year Adele’s Legacy works with the School Superintendents’ offices of Bedford and Franklin Counties to create a short list of schools that demonstrate need, mostly through the number of subsidized school lunches.

This list is then compared with the total number of winter wear items Adele’s Legacy has collected during the year.  We alternate our annual Giveaway Day between Bedford and Franklin Counties.

Once a school has been chosen EVERY SINGLE student in the school is provided with a hand made hat, sweater and scarf, of their own choosing.  The schools are chosen by demonstrated need, but EVERY student that attends the school gets to choose their own hat sweater, scarf and hat to keep for their very own.

If we have enough hats left over after Giveaway Day we arrange one or two schools in the other county where we give out just hats to the students.  Again demonstrated need is what gets the school on the short list, and the number of hats determines which schools are possible for the giveaways.

How you can help

We would welcome your participation.  Here are some ways you can help!

  • We need knitters or crocheters who are interested in creating simple sweaters, hats or scarves for elementary school children. Please visit our XXX pages for more information.
  • We need people who are interested in learning to knit or crochet.  We are happy to teach you, for free, and only ask that you provide a sweater, hat, or scarf for Adele’s Legacy before November 1st.  Please visit our XX pages for more information
  • We accept donations of materials for our hand made items: acrylic yarn (no  wool or cotton please!), knitting needles (sized 7-10) or crochet hooks (size ?-?).
  • We accept help from designers. Do you want to donate a knit or crochet pattern you have designed for a simple hat, scarf or sweater? We would love to have it and vow to use it OFTEN!