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Cozy, Happy Children!

Cozy, Happy ChildrenWe just love thinking of all those cozy, happy children running around Bedford and Franklin Counties right about now!  Look what came in the mail today:

Dear Adele’s Legacy,

I’ve attached a picture of the kids a couple of days after they got off of the bus with these beautiful sweaters, hats, and scarfs.  They have not takne them off for three days :).  We have already received comments from strangers on how beautiful they are.

Unfortunately, at the time I didn’t know who to give credit too; the kids said these nice ladies brought them, of course we were a little suspect!

Today I found a note from the Principal about Adele’s Legacy and that is why I’m writing today.  Now when the kids wear the sweaters I can tell anybody who asks about your generous gift, a gift given with TLC!

In today’s disposable society it’s so nice to receive a gift with love, this gives us the opportunity to teach our children it’s not about how much you spend or what you buy but the love and care you put into making something for somebody you love.

Again, thank you for the beautiful gifts made with love.

Parents of two from Montvale Elementary


What a charming thank you note, and what lovely WARM children they are!  We appreciate the support from parents and teachers at all the schools where we celebrate a Giveaway Day.

Don’t forget, you can always support Adele’s Legacy by donating acrylic yarn (no wool or cotton please!), knitting needles (sizes 7-10 are most helpful) or knitted and crocheted hats, sweaters and scarves (see our sizing pages for helpful information).