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Do you remember this book? Written in 1940 by Esphyr Slobodkina, it has become a children’s classic.

It’s a tale of a peddler who has hats for sale.The complete title is: Caps for Sale: A Tale of a Peddler, Some Monkeys and Their Monkey Business so you can imagine the shenanigans they get up to!  Although the peddler has many, many hats his are all the same.  OURS are not. The hats that Adele’s Legacy gives out are extremely varied!   Here are some different styles of our “caps!”

Typical Hat

TypicalThe most typical hat is the one created in the round, starting with a cuff, and ending with a gradual decrease, and possibly a pompom on top.  These can be knitted or crocheted. (Remember that crocheted hats have very little give to them; so be careful of the sizing!) This type of hat can be created with unique stitches, various colors, or added embellishments like crochet flowers.  These are the most common type of hat we give away.

Flat Hat

FlatcrochetMost of our hats are knit in the round, but if you aren’t comfortable knitting in the round (although we would be happy to teach you!) you can always knit them flat then sew them up.  The easiest flat hat could be knit or crocheted.  Work a rectangle piece approximately 18″ long by 10″ high.  Then sew the two 10″ sides together, and sew the top together. Then add a tassel on each point.  These are pretty popular, and VERY easy to make.

Slouch Hat

IMG_2390These type of hats are very popular these days, and people of all ages wear them!  They are also easy to make, just make a typical hat (you can find patterns on our Hat Patterns Page) and increase the number of stitches after the cuff (to make it bloused)  and make it a bit longer than normal and there you have a slouch hat.  Some slouch hats have a cable or lace pattern on them.  Be creative!!

Square Top Hat

Square-topThis type of hat is fun to knit and comfortable to wear!  Start with a square of knitted or crocheted fabric, then pick up stitches all around the square and increase until you get to the circumference you want, then continue to the height you want. Easy peasy!!!



BeretBeret’s that we give away most often seem to be crocheted! You certainly can knit them, but many of our hand workers seem to enjoy crocheting them.  They are considered very fashionable by the young ladies in our elementary schools! Most often they start at the bottom, increase after the cuff, then decrease to the top.


Helmet Hat

HelmetThis is a new pattern for us.  Recreated from a beloved hat knitted back in 1953 we think this will become a new favorite, especially when knit in the ever popular camouflage colors! Check out our free patterns on our Hat Patterns Page.



Ear flap Hat

IMG_2388Ear flap hats have become more popular recently, and our hand workers have been attuned to this shift in fashion!  More and more ear flap hats have been created by our donors, and more of the children have had warm cozy ears!  While they might look intimidating to a new knitter or crocheter, a basic hat pattern with the addition of flaps over the ears is not hard to do, and a lot of fun to wear!

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Dorothea is the daughter of one of the prolific knitters. She donates time to creating the website, so she can spend her knitting time knitting for HERSELF!! She’s greedy, but in a good way!

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