Hat Sizes

At Adele’s Legacy we believe strongly that “there is a head for every hat!”  No matter if the hat is simple or elaborate, single color or multicolored  has tassels or pompoms or nothing at all…no matter what the hat looks like there is a child who will absolutely adore it!

In order to provide you with some guidelines to ensure that the hats that you create will not only be loved, but will FIT, we provide the following guidelines.  Please consider this a list of “best practices” to be used to assist you in creating the best possible hat you can.   If you have questions or concerns about the sizing provided here please don’t hesitate to email us.  Thank you!

Measuring a HatHow to Measure a Hat:

  1. Lay the hat on a flat surface.
  2. Measure the width from side to side (black line)
  3. Measure the height from top to bottom (white line)
  4. Remember: crochet items have NO give, so they must be wide enough to fit on a child’s head!

Hat Minimums and Maximums

  • Minimum Width: 8.5 inches (17 inch circumference)
  • Maximum Width:11.5 inches (23 inch circumference)
  • Minimum Height: 6 inches
  • Maximum Height:12 inches

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