The “Holy” Yarn Rollers

Newspaper article about the group

Adele Frischman founded the yarn rolling group about nine years ago.  It began as a project of the SML Women’s Club, and then opened to the public.  The group started with six members, and has grown to over 25 ladies.

Rolling the yarn into balls

The “Holy” Yarn Rollers are friendly, helpful and caring ladies who wish to give back by their involvement with the yarn.  There is no strict structure.  It is an informal group – meeting and sharing a common interest.

Laying out the yarn

Adele was originally responsible for soliciting free yarn remnants from an anonymous business donor in Rocky Mount.  The group collects the yarn remnants, and then works together in the chores of hanking, rolling, distributing, and creating items for charity donations.

Covering the floor with yarn to roll!

Adele also originally obtained the use of the fellowship hall at Trinity Ecumenical for the group to carry out its tasks (that’s where the “Holy” comes from in the name!)

Preparing the yarn to be rolled

.  The network for the

distribution of the yarn and finished items is ‘near and far’ – always with the purpose of giving to the community – no profit is gained.  Adele made it all possible!

Untangling the yarn

Rolling is hard work!