Sweater Sizes

Picture9Children come in all shapes and sizes.  The sweaters that are donated to Adele’s Legacy also come in all shapes and sizes.  But in order to ensure that the sweaters you all make actually fit the children they are intended for we provide the following guide to help you.

The best guide to sweater sizing is common sense.  Even for the best of us, what size the pattern says you are making and what size you actually end up with is not necessarily the same thing.  For our purposes the actual numeric size doesn’t matter, within reason.

Here are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. The sleeves should be longer than the body. This means that the length from armpit   to wrist should be longer than the length from the armpit to the waist.  Sleeves should be longer by at least 2 inches ideally.
  2. Be sure that the neck opening in your sweater is big enough for a child’s head.  This is easy to assess.  Most kids heads are only a little smaller than your head, so if your head doesn’t fit; it isn’t big enough.  It’s always better to have it too big than too small.  Sweaters that can’t fit over a child’s head don’t get donated.
  3.  The children that receive sweaters from us range in age from 4 to 11.  That actually translates into sizes ranging from toddler to adult large!  Most of the children fall into middle of that range so if you are looking for a pattern search for child’s 8-12 and always err on the larger size.  Little ones can always grow into an item that is too big, but the big kids won’t get any smaller so the larger sizes are more useful.

This information is provided as a GUIDE only. We accept all articles of clothing that are well constructed and could fit a child. Please consider this a list of “best practices” to be used to assist you in creating the best possible sweater you can..   If you have questions or concerns about the sizing provided here please don’t hesitate to email us.  Thank you!



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